Monday, December 06, 2021
History and Developments

The dire need of the aging U.S population to maintain a quality standard of life.
Life Settlements unveil the inherent value of a life policy providing seller and buyer with economic opportunity. Investors recognize opportunity in mitigating risk by owning an asset backed by a U.S Life Insurance carrier.

Asset Class

The secondary market of U.S Life Insurance Policies are expected to grow 160 billion over the decade. The market of U.S Life Policies is worth 9 trillion dollars which indicates a life settlement penetration of less than 1%. As the proportion of over 65 increases by an estimated 90% over the next 25 years the number of policyholders willing to sell will increase dramatically.


The EPMI strategy is to design and tailor life settlement portfolios to increase the opportunity for higher returns, reduce risk and leveraging portfolios to provide an enhanced value system to maximize the clients opportunity. 

About Estate Portfolio Management, Inc.

Our Mission

Estate Portfolio Management, Inc is dedicated to assisting:

  • Qualified Investors
  • Family Offices
  • Business and Institutions

in maximizing the benefits of a proven financial asset which can improve the lives of purchasers and sellers alike. We accomplish this by integrating our strategic life settlement analysis, implementation and execution. Finally we attempt to fully actualize the unique advantages of the life settlement asset through our longstanding relationships with our professional partners, advisors and investors.

Why Life Settlements?

Benefits of Life Settlements

•Opportunity for increased yield potential either by an early demise or fixed return during inflationary periods.

The U.S Life Insurance Industry has more than  5 Trillion in Assets with a surplus of over 280 billion dollars.

Perceived low risk to investment capital by virtue of actuarial and medical underwriting science.

Diversification of investment risk which can be achieved by building a portfolio of a number of policies to diversify amongst insureds ages and life expectancies. 

Alternative Asset Class that provides unique opportunity of the product by its fixed return nature.







  • Life Settlements are truly life insurance! The insured can receive his funds now when he needs them most. Instead of when he is deceased which is death insurance.

  • What is the ideal investment? Above average returns, asset backed and no market related risk and you know your fixed return upfront.

  • A Life Settlement portfolio design mitigates risk for sellers and buyers.